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Hair Loss & Hairstyle Trend Today

New hair styles for thinning hair, Dallas, TX. Today's hairstyles are bangs and bold colors for individuality and a unique look, even if you have thinning hair. The hottest haircut trend now is bangs.

Hair Extensions & Traction Alopecia Dallas Review

Hair extensions review Dallas,Texas. DFW hair loss expert report heavy use of hair extensions result in bald spots and thinning hair after several months of use. Loss of hair or severe hair fall is seen not only in middle-aged people but also in young adults using hair extensions in prolong time. The falling of hair, thinning or visibility of scalp has a significant impact on the individual.

Grow Hair Follicle Research

Dallas, Texas report on hair growth research to regenerate hair follicles to bald people. Balding men and women may find an answer soon to grow more hair and replenish their follicular deficiencies. A new experiment with humans and mice cells has succeeded to generate hair follicles the growth of the follicles.

Hair Loss, Job & Success

It's surprising how many people ignore the effect of hair loss when it comes to their work success. Take for example networking to promote business opportunities. Schmoozing at events, being a social butterfly at parties, or passing out business cards is associated with a person first impression. At initial meeting, a bald head or beautiful full hair style will be a lasting impression associated with man or woman.

Hairstyling Product & Women's Hair Loss

Dallas, TX report - Women's hair loss is due to Suaver hair smoothing, hairstyling product. Hundreds of women nationwide are suing the hairstyling product maker that they say caused them severe hair loss. The dispute is Suave's Professionals Keratin Infusion, a hair treatment product, hairstyling for women who wanted "smooth, shiny, manageable hair.

Balding Men Hair Transplants Warning

Expert warns against hair transplants for men in their 20s. “About 20 to 30 percent of my hair transplant surgeries are on people for corrective purposes or people having secondary or tertiary procedures,” Dr. Abraham Armani, a hair transplant surgeon and founder of Armani Medical in Dallas, Texas, told “They have had procedures by other doctors, and they come to us to improve or completely correct it.”

Kids Hair Loss - Trichotillomania Disorder

Texas hair loss expert report. A struggle with trichotillomania disorder, the compulsion to pull out one's hair. For six years, Rebecca Brown documented her appearance as she battled the impulse control disorder trichotillomania, which caused her to pull out her hair and eyebrows. Rebecca captures her transformation in a time of her hair loss condition, the depression and her struggle with this hair loss disorder, Dallas TX report.  

Aging & Hair Loss

Nu Hair of Texas report on aging and hair loss problems. Aging is inevitable and with many so is hair loss. One of the things that men and women dread is the aging process. However, no matter what you do, aging is inevitable. For most people, they will face with sagging skin, age spots and hair loss. Accept and embrace your aging process and use what is available to you to age gracefully. Small steps can help with a graceful aging process.

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