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Laser hair therapy hair growth treatment for hair loss

MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy Review

Dallas, Texas laser therapy treatment with MEp90 laser review. The new laser treatment for women's hair loss Dallas, Texas review. While the use of lasers in medicine is not new, the use of medical lasers for treatment of female hair loss has just recently received FDA clearance. The MEP-90 HAIR GROWTH STIMULATION SYSTEM was FDA cleared for the treatment of female Androgenetic Alopecia in February of this year. You can read more about this on the FDA website at FDA Laser Hair Growth Test Results

Q) I understand that a prescription from a physician is required... Does that mean this procedure is dangerous?

A) The MEP-90 is a class 2 medical device and DOES require a prescription. However, the low-level lasers utilized in the machine do not injure the patient. The FDA 510k reply confirms this saying "The clinical and effectiveness data demonstrates that the MEP-90 is effective in promoting hair growth, does not present any safety issues, is classified by the FDA as a non-significant risk (NSR) device."

Q) How many treatments are typical and how long do they last?

A) The subjects in the study by the Kohler Center for Hair Restoration received a 20-minute treatment, twice a week, for 26 weeks. At the completion of this six months of treatments, 97% of the subjects did not merely reduce hair loss, and they had an increase of in their hair count of greater than or equal to 20%. 77% had an increase in hair count in measured areas of greater than 50%!

Q) Will my medical insurance cover this treatment?

A) In the same way that many insurance plans will not cover Lasik eye surgery and other diseases that do not have health benefit outside of appearance, many insurance plans will not cover treatments. Check with your insurance provider to see if are covered under your existing policy.

However, it is possible that employers medical savings plans may cover treatment. If this option is not available to you, we do have medical credit companies available that may be able to help you finance your procedure. Please do not hesitate to call our center for more information.

Q) Why is this treatment only listed as for women? Does it work on men as well?

A) The research on this device before FDA clearance was with an all-female subject group. Therefore it is impossible for us to make any assertations towards the effectiveness it may or may not have for men with Pattern Baldness.

Q) Is every woman is a candidate for MEP-90 laser hair therapy?

A) No, there are many medical reasons besides pattern baldness that can cause hair loss in both men and women. It is essential to consult a physician to accurately diagnose your cause of hair loss before receiving any treatment. The treatments with the MEP-90 are FDA cleared as effective in females with androgenetic alopecia who have Ludwig and Savin Hair Loss Scale classifications of I to H1 and who have been determined to have a Fitzpatrick Skin Typing of I to IV.

Consult your Dermatologist or call us to receive contact information for a local physician familiar with this technology to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair therapy treatment. We have several physicians we work within the Dallas area that will likely be convenient for you.

To schedule your private "no pressure" no obligation consultation, call 972-490-7766 or use the CONTACT form with any questions or concerns. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!