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Here’s your resource for men’s hair restoration and expert advice. For example, find information on doctors specializing in alopecia, hair transplants, and nonmedical hair restoration options. Restore your hair. You can get your full hair and a youthful look back again.

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Hair loss treatments for men: Treat your hair loss with the best nonsurgical hair restoration solutions design to replace male pattern baldness with ease. Restore your hair with a single graft hair replacement system without hair transplant surgery. Nu Hair of Texas is Dallas-DFW’s best hair loss treatment specialist, offers men’s hair restoration treatment in Dallas-DFW since 1986. Solutions treatments for hair loss – hair replacement systems, medical alopecia wigs & medical laser hair growth therapy. 

Men's hair restoration without hair transplant surgery Dallas TX

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Hair loss products may help slow down the alopecia process, and some may promote hair regrowth. For example, there are pharmaceutical drugs of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, Finasteride and Minoxidil. Subsequently, a surgical hair transplant may be your option or a nonsurgical hair replacement system. Indeed, visit our Dallas, Texas location for a free consultation to discuss your hair restoration plan.

For non-medical hair loss treatments, the most common hair loss products used are cosmetic wigs, hair replacement systems, hairpieces, and hair extensions options. Moreover, they conceal thinning hair or complete baldness. Certainly, Nu Hair Replacement is the best product for men’s pattern baldness.

Further, MEp90 laser hair treatment is an FDA-approved medical treatment device to grow hair. Tests with females experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia, the MEp90 showed its ability to stop hair loss progression and healthier measurable new hair growth.

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Men's Hair Restoration
Men's Hair Restoration Hair Replacement System DFW
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A physician diagnosis will evaluate the underlying cause of your hair loss. If you see sudden hair falling out, check with your internist. Secondly, your dermatologist may control your hair loss. An endocrinologist will test hormone imbalances, namely androgens.

Men's Hair Loss​ Treatments Today

Medical Hair Restoration
  • Medical hair transplant surgery
  • Rogaine – Minoxidil hair growth medication
  • Propecia – Finasteride hair growth medication
  • MEp90 Laser hair regrowth therapy FDA approved
Non Medical Solutions
  • Non-surgical hair replacement systems
  • Hairpieces & hair extensions
  • Men’s wigs
  • Laser hair therapy
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Take a closer look. Nonsurgical hair replacements. Starting at just $900.

You are losing your hair, and you thought it was gone for good, didn’t you? Now you can get stylish hair back. And forget peers’ balding hair looks. Get yours most beautiful and comfortable nonsurgical Nu Hair replacement. From the hiking trail to deep-sea fishing, Nu Hair’s youthful hair keeps you motivated. It’s is rich with innovations for today’s active lifestyle worry-free.

A smart choice is Nu Hair replacement. Hair system without hair transplant surgery. Single hair grafts method to simulate healthy hair follicles. It's natural, comfortable, and great-looking hair.
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