women's hair loss

Women's hair loss due to hairstyling product

Women's hair loss due to hairstyling product

Dallas, TX report - Women's hair loss is due to Suaver hair smoothing, hairstyling product. Hundreds of women nationwide are suing the hairstyling product maker that they say caused them severe hair loss. The dispute is Suave's Professionals Keratin Infusion, a hair treatment product, hairstyling for women who wanted "smooth, shiny, manageable hair. The hair product contained an ingredient that would release formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance. That could lead to symptoms that include irritation, skin sensitivity, and breathing difficulties. CNN reported.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness Dallas TX genetic alopecia

Women's Pattern Baldness​

What is typical female hair loss pattern?

Many women experience some degree of hair loss thinning hair in their lifetime. Other than common genetic hair loss also called heredity hair loss; medical conditions can also cause hair loss.   Female pattern baldness, female androgenetic alopecia refer to the same condition. Medical evaluation by a physician or healthcare provider is necessary to find the underlying causes of why you are losing hair. Often the hair loss can be reversed with the proper treatments.