Men's Hair Replacement Dallas-Fort Worth

Men's Hair Replacement Hair Restoration in DFW, TX

Nu Hair Replacement of Dallas-Fort Worth is the premier hair replacement and hair loss solutions provider in North Dallas, TX. Nu Hair provides non surgical Hair Restoration - no scalpel, no sutures, no scars for a natural looking head of hair. Nu Hair replacement systems offer natural looking head of hair option with our going through a medical procedure. The hair restoration procedure is perfect for those afflicted with male pattern hair loss: for both men and women. 

Nu Hair Replacement is a better alternative to Rogaine and Propecia.

Our hair restoration achieves the most natural hair density results that is age appropriate. Amazing results of this best hair restoration solution with the look and feel of your own natural hair. Swim, dive, and skydive without worry. After all this hair replacement si designed to be worn unchecked and only at Nu Hair of Texas!

Dallas, TX hair replacement solution for men's hair loss

Nu Hair of Dallas Texas is member of Transitions International Hair Loss Group. Transitions Group is America's number one hair restoration provider that pioneered the first non surgical hair replacement that is so unique and is a natural solution to male pattern baldness, Nu Hair replacement is safe, customized in it's every component that defines the excellent outcome of natural look and hair density to match the individual's hair distribution, angles, and hair diameter size. The hair system is technically precise, safe, customized, and painless hair restoration procedure.

Men's Hair Replacement Dallas Fort Worth TX