Hair Loss Treatments Dallas TX
Dallas hair loss treatments in Dallas TX medical therapy surgical or cosmetic hair restoration

Hair Loss Treatment Dallas TX​

Hair restoration Dallas Texas hair loss treatment clinic offers solutions to hair loss for men's and women's with thinning hair. There are hair loss products that can help slow down the process and few grow hair, but none will give you back your full density that you had at your teen years. In the market today, there are hair growth treatments such as medical hair transplant, cold laser hair therapy, and a couple of drugs that help stop your hair loss and help your hair grow again.

What are most widely used hair loss products?

Most widely used products as medical hair loss treatments are surgical hair transplants medical hair restoration procedures, MEP-90 medical laser hair growth therapy, nonsurgical solution for hair growth. For hair loss medication the most common hair loss products used are 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors medical drugs Finasteride and Minoxidil, For nonmedical hair loss treatments the most common are the cosmetic options of wigs and hairpieces or hair extensions. These are used as hair loss solutions to conceal thinning hair or complete baldness.

What are various hair loss treatments used presently?

Medical Hair Restoration Treatments

  1. Surgical hair transplants
  2. Rogaine - Minoxidil medication
  3. Propecia - Finasteride medication
  4. MEP Laser hair therapy

Non-surgical Hair Restoration Products

  1. Reallusions hair for women
  2. Nonsurgical hair replacement
  3. Hand held laser device
  4. Hair replacement systems (Cosmetic)
  5. Hairpiece
  6. Wigs
  7. Hair extensions​

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