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New Hair Loss Products For Men

Men's Hair Restoration Trends Dallas TX

“Thick hair is synonymous with robust hair growth, youth and masculinity,” says Nu Hair growth & hair restoration specialist in Dallas, Texas. According to John Hopkins University study of attractiveness of men, suggests that men with thicker fuller hair are seen as more successful and approachable relative to their balding counterparts.

Hair Loss & Hairstyle Trend Today

New Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Today's hairstyles are bangs and bold colors for individuality and a unique look, even if you have thinning hair. The hottest haircut trend now is bangs.

Hair Transplant Cost Review

What consideration affects hair transplant cost?

Dallas hair restoration specialist review of hair transplant cost. Where the hair grafts placed, how they are angled, and in what size combinations are the critical elements to obtaining a good fuller hair result. The training and experience of the doctor come into play.

Nu Hair Replacement System

Men's Hair Replacement System

Nu Hair replacement center is a Dallas Texas clinic since 1986. We are proud to be the provider of Transitions-designed and sophisticated Nu Hair replacement system. It is a non-surgical, technologically advanced hair system and the world’s leading hair replacement product. The individual fit and the greatest haircuts make you look smart and attractive again.

Hair Transplant Dallas Review

Hair Transplant Review DFW Texas

Hair transplant review from Dallas Fort Worth Texas hair loss specialist. Medical progress in treating male hair loss has advanced in the past couple of years. Today many men and women can achieve hair fullness using new surgical hair restoration methods. The surgeon will move small patches of skin with hair from one part of the head to another.

MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy Review

MEP-90 Review: Laser Hair Therapy Dallas Ft Worth

The new laser treatment for women's hair loss review. While the use of lasers in medicine is not new, the use of medical lasers for treatment of female hair loss has just recently received FDA clearance. The MEP-90 HAIR GROWTH STIMULATION SYSTEM was FDA cleared for the treatment of female Androgenetic Alopecia in February of this year.