Hair Transplant Risks
Non Surgical Non Medical Hair Replacment Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Hair restoration expert guide to hair transplants Dallas Fort Worth Texas; Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are on the rise. Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery and should be done under the most experienced doctor.  Safety should be a major concern if contemplating a surgery. In an effort to provide the highest quality health care & minimize risks, your doctor should be given your medical records before the procedure for evaluation.

Are there any risks with hair transplant surgery?

Any surgery, even a minor one carries risks during the procedure or after the surgery. Complication could occur especially if there are medical health conditions present. Your hair transplant doctor should discuss your health and possible risk associated with your health condition. 

What are some of the risks?  

Be aware that mini-grafts or micro-grafts hair transplantation clinic may promise natural hairlines that will last a lifetime. This is untrue. Even doctors who published extensive literature about hair transplants and done many hair transplant procedures cannot guarantee assurance of a lifetime hair growth at the procedure area. 

  1. Extracting the hair from the donor area may result in excessive bleeding
  2. Small scarring may occur where incisions are made
  3. Some of the grafts grafts won't "take." and will not grow, due to cell shock and these grafts will die. A second procedure will be needed to feel those grafts.
  4. Hair that were transplanted, the new grafts may not produce acceptable growth
  5. Wide scars may occur at the donor area
  6. Infection can occur in both the donor area or the incisions grafted area. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics before the procedure, as a precaution, or afterward if infection occurs.
  7. Hair loss could continue to occur in the grafted area after the surgery

What health condition may effect the surgery risks?  

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Blood-clotting problem
  3. Smoking habit
  4. Use of certain drugs or medications

Hair transplant surgery is normally safe when performed by experienced surgeon that specialized in hair transplants. To reduce risk to a minimum follow your doctor's instructions before and after your surgery.

Find out if you are a candidate for hair transplant restoration or non surgical hair replacement or other hair restoration solution. Schedule your appointment with no-obligation to see what results should be expected in your case and your exact cost.