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Nu Hair of Texas, Dallas hair restoration hair replacement clinic for men & women with hair loss. The hair restoration and hair replacement clinic offers complete privacy, confidentiality and comfort for our clients from throughout the greater Dallas Fort Worth area, as well as  the Texas state greater region. At the Dallas Fort Worth hair treatment clinic, we have helped thousands of men and women suffering with hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair problem. We place the highest priority on quality and individualized, truly personal service, offering the latest state of the art non surgical hair replacement systems, medical laser hair growth therapy, and medical wigs and hairpieces.

Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement in Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA and Worldwide Locations

Nu Hair of Texas has affiliates hair loss treatment experts around the world; Affiliate USA hair loss clinics from NY to California Wisconsin to Florida, hair loss clinics in USA Canada, Mexico England and other worldwide locations. Each hair restoration center affiliate assures you top quality performance and highly trained professionals. Some of these hair loss treatment centers provide medical hair transplant surgery as an option. All affiliate hair clinics provide non medical hair loss solutions for baldness thinning hair.

Hair loss solutions options available to you in the market today include non medical hair pieces, wigs, laser hair growth therapy, medical hair transplants, DHT inhibitors and more. What is best hair loss solution for your case? Are you a candidate for medical hair transplant or is your solution is best served with laser hair therapy? Is non medical hair replacement or natural custom wig is best suited for your lifestyle?

Find hair loss help on the various treatments available today from experts in Nu Hair of Dallas Fort Worth Texas and worldwide hair restoration experts. The best way to get all your hair loss questions answered is to schedule a free, no obligation evaluation with Nu Hair of Dallas Fort Worth Texas or Transitions professional near you. It's completely free, totally private and confidential.