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Hair Loss & Hair Extensions Use

Hair loss, hair extensions

Texas hair loss expert report -heavy use of hair extensions result in bald spots and thinning hair after several months of use. Loss of hair or severe hair fall is seen not only in middle-aged people but also in young adults using hair extensions in prolong time.

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Cancer Wigs DFW TX Video

Stacy cancer wig medical wig  human hair wig

Cancer therapy causes Stacey's hair loss. Stacy talks about her hair restoration solution with REALLUSIONS hair. Medical wigs and cancer wigs offered at Nu Hair in Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

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Balding Men & Women Hope of Stem Cells Research to Regenerate Hair Follicles

Bald men & women texas hair restoration

Balding men and women may fine an answer soon to grow more hair and replenish their follicular deficiencies. New experiment with humans and mice cells has succeeded to generate hair follicles the growth of the follicles.

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Hair Extensions & Traction Alopecia

Baldness from hair extensions use cause Traction Alopecia

It appears that Kim is having hair loss trouble after use of hair extensions. Images of ther hair tied up in a high bun walking around in Los Angeles show visible hair loss. According to a leading hair loss expert, this is definitely  traction alopecia.

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Women's hair loss due to hairstyling product

Women's hair loss due to hairstyling product

Dallas, TX report - Women's hair loss is due to Suaver hair smoothing, hairstyling product. Hundreds of women nationwide are suing the hairstyling product maker that they say caused them severe hair loss.

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Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness Dallas TX genetic alopecia

Women's Pattern Baldness​

What is typical female hair loss pattern?

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