Female Pattern Baldness
Female pattern baldness Dallas TX genetic alopecia

What is typical female hair loss pattern?

If is relatively common for women to experience some degree of hair loss thinning hair in their lifetime. Women's hair loss can be caused by a number of medical conditions other than common genetic hair loss, also called hereditary female pattern baldness, female androgentic alopecia. Medical evaluation by a health care provider is important to find the underlying causes of the hair loss. Often the hair loss can be reversed with the proper treatments.

Hair loss in women is generally very gradual. It is more often cyclical than in men, and it is affected by hormonal changes, medical conditions, and external factors. During pregnancy and at menopause, women will notice hair loss accelerating rate. When the cause to the hair loss is genetic female pattern baldness, women's hair loss tends to show up as a diffused hair all over. The frontal hairline in women is often maintained. It is extremely uncommon for women to develop an area that is totally bald.


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