Female Pattern Baldness
Female pattern baldness Dallas TX genetic alopecia

Women's Pattern Baldness​

What is typical female hair loss pattern?

Many women experience some degree of hair loss thinning hair in their lifetime. Other than common genetic hair loss also called heredity hair loss; medical conditions can also cause hair loss.   Female pattern baldness, female androgenetic alopecia refer to the same condition. Medical evaluation by a physician or healthcare provider is necessary to find the underlying causes of why you are losing hair. Often the hair loss can be reversed with the proper treatments.

Women's hair loss progression

In most cases, hair loss in women is very gradual. It is more often cyclical than in men, and it is affected by hormonal changes, medical conditions, and external factors. During pregnancy and at menopause, women will notice hair loss accelerating rate. When the cause of the hair loss is genetic female pattern baldness, women's hair loss tends to show up as a diffused hair all over. The frontal hairline in women often stays. It is extremely uncommon for women to develop an area that is completely bald.​

  1. Diagnose what is the problem, female pattern baldness or health condition. 
  2. Get diagnoses of an underlying medical condition that may cause losing your hair.
  3. Are you going through hormonal changes, such as after giving birth, or during menopause?
  4. Are you having severe stress in your life, extreme weight loss or death in the family?
  5. Are you having Vitamin, protein or Iron deficiency? Eating healthy with sufficient vitamins helps your hair grow healthy.
  6. Find your best hair loss treatment option.
  7. Look at medical hair restoration for women and non-medical hair restoraion options.
  8. Go easy with your hair and use gentle hairstyling techniques
  9. Explore care of your thinning hair.
  10. Check the new women's hairstyles for thin hair.

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